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Silikomart - Stampo in Silicon Buchette140 Mould  

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  • Silicone mold with eight cavities, each 2.95 inch x 1.96 inch x 1.81 inch high (75 millimeters x 50 millimeters x 46 millimeters high), each cavity 4.73 ounce (140 milliliters)
  • Mold designed in collaboration with pastry chef Yann Couvreur
  • Like all of Silikomart’s baking-and-freezing silicone molds, these molds are made of platinum-cured liquid silicone (lsr)--a high-purity 100-percent-food-safe material able to resist extreme temperatures of heat and cold
  • The glossy non-stick surface of Silikomart’s liquid-silicone molds allows ice cream--or any other food--to pop out of the mold with ease, meaning not only surprisingly easy removal of the food product but also convenient and quick cleaning of the mold
  • Silikomart products are made in Italy from start to finish; the molds are safe in the dishwasher, safe in the microwave, safe in the freezer down to -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celsius) and safe in the oven up to +446 degrees Fahrenheit
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Elegance at your fingertips with the new buchette140 mould signed by the pastry chef yann couvreur in collaboration with the silikomart professional designers. tradition meets modernity creating an immortal mould characterized with a new dimension: 8 cavities of 140 ml each, for delicious and timeless creations. with bûchette140 you will give life to a new tradition.

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