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Silicon Moulds

Marvellous silicon moulds - tufted swiss dot simpress mould  

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  • Food grade silicone, color may vary as per availability, mould size approx: 4.4 x 7 inch
  • Wash and dry the silicone mould well,and lightly dust with cornflour to eas release.
  • Put the mould ona aflat firm surface. press the paste evenly and firmly into the mould without overfilling.roll out the paste on the mould with a rolling pin.ensureall areas are full and the base is flat
  • Cut away any excess paste from the edges with a spatula.turn over the mould and release the paste gently onto a clean surface
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These moulds can be used for sugar paste,flower paste, modelling marzipan,chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, sugar art, cold porcelain,pastry dough,air clays and embossing powders. note: tools used with food products must be kept separately from those used with non-food materials

Shipping weight/Volume Height Width Length
0.3 Kg/Ltr 2 cm 12 cm 18 cm

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